Ready, Set,Wait…………..

We arrived in CA on New Year’s Day to begin 2 weeks of provisioning and outfitting the boat.  We were scheduled to depart for Mexico on Thursday, Jan 14 at 4:00 pm.  During the first 2 weeks we worked 13-14 hours each day shopping for everything from pots, pans, tape, tools, big plastic storage boxes, charts, fenders, lines, food, etc. We were on a constant loop of shopping, carting on the dock, unpacking, and organizing the piles of stuff and then off to another store.   As the boat owners know, the storage places are unusually shaped and usually difficult to reach…ergo the term “boat yoga”.  The boat was a virtual beehive of activity with workers installing or repairing equipment including the tender, grill, fish cleaning board ,and an extra LPG tank. 

On Jan 7 we took the boat four miles off the coast to take delivery of Odyssey outside the border of CA.  We were then in Federal waters–which extend 200 miles.  This was to avoid the CA state sales tax.  As long as we conform to detailed requirements for delivery and use of the boat we can avoid CA state tax and county use taxes.  To divine a straight course through these complexities we retained Attorney Cris Wenthur, who has a specialized international legal practice in titling yachts and jets to avoid taxes.  A few days later we took the boat on a sea trial to Catalina.  It was a gorgeous day and we saw whales, including pilot whales, and dolphins.  Interesting to us is that the ocean floor drops over 2,000 feet just off the CA shore.

On Jan 14th the freezers and frig were packed and we were ready to take off.  The captain arrived to inform us the weather consultant report showed four large storms approaching the coast and when they made landfall promised to bring the largest amount of rain seen here in 12 years.  The coast is expected to receive 8 inches and the higher elevations as much as 30 inches (the normal CA rainfall is 8 inches yearly).  The sea state is expected to reach a high of 16 feet with 30-35 knot winds.  These storms will delay our departure for a week to ten days.  🙁

Yesterday Lyle and Gus Gialamas, the owners of the boat next to ours, came over for a tour. While in the engine room Gus noticed Randy’s right knee scar and some swelling.  He mentioned that he was an  orthopedic surgeon and offered to drive Randy to the hospital for an ultrasound to rule problems before we go to Mexico.  Happily Randy’s knee is fine.  Very impressive is that the two of them leave for the Dominican Republic border Monday to set up a field hospital as part of Operation Rainbow.  Gus is the Director of the organization and Lyle is a nurse practioner who works in the post op unit there.  GREAT PEOPLE!!  We wish them safe travels and success.

We have been living aboard for about a week and love the boat and are excited about our first trip.  We are meeting other Nordhavn owners in La Paz and will cruise with them to Puerto Villarta or perhaps farther south.  We are loking forward to our departure, but hopefully during fair weather!


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