TISCH TRAVEL REPORT – CAPTAIN’S LOG 2010 www.TischTravels.com


Christmas is fast approaching, and so is our move to Odyssey and the beginning of a new chapter of our lives together.  We plan to spend alternately three months on the boat and then three months in Ann Arbor.  Our goal is to become proficient yachts-persons, take Odyssey around the world over the next eight or nine years, while maintaining our lifelong friendships at home.  There is no telling what adventures and challenges we will encounter, but we are now about to begin and we want to share our experiences with you.  During the first year we plan to take the boat to Mexico for the winter, then up to British Columbia for the summer, and then back to California for its annual yard visit next fall.  During the winter of 2011 we’ll shove off for Polynesia… maybe. 

We have been very busy during the last few weeks: Rebecca closed her office and retired.  We have both undergone surgeries and are now in the midst of recovery.  In the meantime we have been preparing our Ann Arbor home for hibernation and Odyssey for our winter voyage.  It has been a big and complicated job, but we have our tickets to California and we are almost ready to cast off.  The first two weeks of January will be devoted to setting up the boat and stocking it with food, then we will set off in mid January for the Sea of Cortez.  It’s a dream about to come true.

While we are on Odyssey, we will have internet coverage most of the time. When we  are out at sea or in remote areas, we will have satellite service.  It may be a little spotty, but please keep in touch!

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